How to effectively work with a virtual assistant

Hiring the services of a virtual assistant can save you hours of work and get you on track to focus on core tasks that take your business forward. But working with a virtual assistant is only effective if you optimize the use of their talents and manage your time working together efficiently.

Let’s explore some tips of how maximize your virtual assistant’s effort, time and work output.

  • Giving clear instructions

Not giving concise instructions for tasks is a major reason why virtual assistants fail to match expectations. It is recommended to implement a collaboration tool to schedule tasks and list all their details. This may take extra time up front, but it’s worth it to save time and avoid mistakes in the future.

  • Communicating well 

Great communication is the foundation for success when working with a virtual assistant. It’s important to put a reliable communication method in place right from the start. Throughout the partnership, it’s also essential to check in with your virtual assistant and scheduling frequent meetings, especially at the start of the partnership. This ensures everyone is clear on the tasks to be completed and helps build confidence to form a relationship that lasts.

  • Delegating well 

When working with a virtual assistant, you have to delegate tasks in a reasonable manner. Be mindful that your assistant is there to help you but can’t do everything at once. So, ensure tasks are scheduled in a practical way and scheduled appropriately.

  • Providing reasonable deadlines

When giving out tasks, it’s crucial to share clear and reasonable expectations of deadlines. If there are routine tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis, it’s important to make sure your assistant is well aware of the expectations and equipped with the right tools to complete them daily. If there are strict deadlines or multiple deadlines, it’s essential to communicate these in a timely manner.

  • Documenting progress and results 

To help keep everyone on the same page, it’s wise to document the progress and results of tasks. Using an online tool that everyone can access is a great idea to allow everyone to collaborate and update details along the way.

  • Giving credit 

Everyone thrives when they feel appreciated. Make sure you tell your virtual assistant when they exceed expectations. This will help them stay motivated over time.

Looking for the services of a virtual assistant?

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